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The 2012 Shoot Out series competition consists of four 18-hole qualifying tournaments and 36-hole championship tourney to determine the winner of the "2012 San Miguel Seniors Shoot Out Cup". You may choose to play in only one or all of the four qualifying tournaments. However, the more qualifying tournaments in which you compete, the better your chances to earn an invitation to the final championship tourney at year-end.
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If you are not rated you may place yourself by reading below and determining which level best represents your playing abilities.
A. Begin with 1.5. Read all categories carefully and then decide which one best describes your present ability
level. Be certain that you qualify on all points of all preceding levels as well as those in the level you choose.
B. When rating yourself assume you are playing against a player of the same gender and the same ability.
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Also known as Club Deportivo, the facilities include a weight room with treadmill, weight equipment and stationary bikes, 25-meter semi-Olympic covered heated (83 degree F) pool. Lockers, showers and steam rooms. Spinning room for classes. Open since July 2000.
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Nothing can replace fútbol – known here as soccer- as the most popular sport in Mexico, but baseball comes in a strong second. From Tijuana to Tampico, in the large cities and the smallest villages, you find ballparks. Some are impressive stadiums with manicured grass, many more are just dirt fields where corn used to grow. No one really knows when the game of baseball was first played in Mexico. A popular theory has the first evidence of play dating back to the U.S. – Mexican War, when idle American soldiers played near the town of Xalapa, Veracruz, in 1847. Other towns make the same claim; that the soldiers first played around that time in their town, so, quién sabe?
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One of the most popular sports in Mexico is futbol, also known as soccer in other countries. The sport involves moving a ball towards a goal on one side of the field, while the opposing team tries to steal the ball and block it from reaching the goal. There are sveral leagues in town. San Miguel has its own third division soccer team but most of the town plays on private leagues and well as indoor soccer leagues.
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Local Basquetaball leagues are played in the premises of "Benito Juarez" park. A Tradition that is been in town for more tha 60 years. Tournaments are tipicaly played once a year for men and women play 2 tournaments during one year. Teams are basiclly founded by friends that know each other since they were kids, a lot of players have been known to play in other cities as they are invited because of their skills, it is alson known of one player who is playing in the main National Basketball League his name "Erik Hare" known in the basketball areas in town and other states where he has played. Basketball in San Miguel has changed more each year and we are hopping that it will be for the best. If poeple would like toparticipate in teams they are more than welcome.
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   wOw San Miguel, first dedicate search engine in San Miguel de Allende

Unique place, know all our colors and flavors of our Mexico
Unique place, know all our colors and flavors of our Mexico.
February 5

San Miguel’s cobblestone streets provide a safe haven in which to wander and discover the town, the shops, restaurants, artesian markets, art galleries and many other pleasurable sites and sounds unique to San Miguel. There are Festivals and Fiestas in San Miguel almost every day -- especially this year, as Mexicans commemorate the bicentennial of its Independence. A unique place where converge the colors and flavors of our Mexico, thanks to its large number of restaurants serving Mexican and international. San Miguel de Allende has the largest number of art galleries in Mexico, where you can admire the work of renowned local and foreign artists. Visit the home of Ignacio Allende, the Instituto Allende and the Teatro Angela Peralta. Delight in the Gothic architecture of the parish, located opposite the main garden. There are craft stores everywhere, a variety of fine restaurants and hotels of singular beauty, at every budget level.

An artists' colony alive

An artists' colony alive

Since many artists were in residence and established art galleries. Many visitors were left to live, and many ruins were renovated mansions, which needed decorating. He started the rebirth of San Miguel, which was a forgotten colonial artifact, an artists' colony alive. As the community prospered, more artists came here to work and more art and craft galleries opened to sell their work. The town soon became the largest center of galleries and artists in Mexico after Mexico City. Today, San Miguel can safely say that it has the largest share of art galleries per capita in all of Mexico and in these galleries are works by nationally and internationally acclaimed artists. Natural light from San Miguel, its picturesque architecture and brilliant colors continue to attract and inspire artists, ensuring the revival still has a great future.

Come and enjoy all that San Miguel Has!

Come and enjoy all that San Miguel Has!


If  you came to Mexico city, you need to came to San Miguel it will love it, you can find since the perfect place for to stay, until the best Restaurants in San Miguel de Allende, you don´t need to look for too much, there are too many options here, the food is always also!! You can find all  kind of food, too many options, at a perfect place, more that comfortable  place for visiting, and the best service here, you can enjoy this magnify food, there are too many cheaper place, or an excellent place really elegant for impress !!

San MIguel has so much to offer. Make this your next vacation spot !!

Introducing : San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato Mexico

Many people say that San Miguel is a bit like a Mexican Disneyland for foreign (mainly American) retirees. Indeed, this is a stunning and neat city, with colonial architecture, enchanting cobblestone streets and striking light. Regular festivals, fireworks and parades dominate the local scene. The town’s cosmopolitan panache is reflected in its excellent restaurants and high-class, colonial-style accommodation options. Numerous galleries are stocked with some of the very best art craft Mexico has to offer… Mexican artesanías and cultural activities are on tap for residents and visitors. There are few sights: as a Mexican-declared national monument, San Miguel is the sight.

Economically speaking, this is no budget destination and is a far cry from the 1940s, when beatniks and artists shacked up here on a shoestring to pursue their creative ventures. Visitors still flock here to study at the art institutions – Bellas Artes and the Instituto Allende. While the foreign influence is pervasive (more than 10, 000 foreigners are believed to live or have houses here), on the whole the population coexists comfortably. You only have to relax in the main plaza, visit the market or interact with the local people to sense an ambience, color and vibe that is nothing but Mexican.The climate is agreeable: cool and clear in winter and warm and clear in summer, with occasional thunderstorms and heavy rain. A Bed-and-Breakfast Find for the last world in luxurious bed-and-breakfast accommodations, Casa Schuck boutique B&B is in a quiet part of town. Tastefully furnished with Mexican antiques and the towns famous Dotty Vidargas pieces from the 70's. This dreamy former private home of original to San Miguel ex-pats Gladys & Charles Schuck has 10 guest rooms & Suites, all of which have fireplaces and at least one terrace. Not just a find, Casa Schuck is currently a bargain, with introductory rates as low as $198 a nigth, double, including breakfast: CasaSchuck.com

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